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Our Download Center is the library and access to content we publish and make available. We will always have a number of items that can be downloaded without charge as well as items that are free for a limited period or with annualized membership. Major products and publications can now be purchased, as we have made the download center part of our eShoppe, in The Study. All downloads are copyrighted by Soltys, Inc. Please read our Copyright Notice before making any purchase.

Tools From Soltys, Inc. Now For Sale  
We have created a variety of tools that are helpful to our clients and the industries we serve. Many of our tools are available for free download now, while others are available for purchase. These tools are often referenced in our blogs.

Free Downloads:

Career Development Overview  
Career Development Plan  
Indexed Blog Series Now For Sale on Soltys, Inc.  

The compiled digest of our blog series and some popular subject groups are posted for download for three months. Fully indexed compilations are available for sale.

Current Blog Compilations Available For Free Download:

Lions & Lambs Series - April, 2012

Everything's In Bloom Series - May 2012

Best Practice Series - June, 2012

Wotking With Soltys Inc, | Downloadable Files We are experts in Open Mind Surgery – Ideas, Solutions, Initiatives, Growth, Profit and Operations.
Our business map is a high level view of the services offered by Soltys, Inc. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of these services.
Business Map | FREE Download
Soltys, Inc. has created an online meeting room where we host our monthly roundtable discussions and will host future online seminars, Q&A sessions and more. The meeting room is also available for use with our Help Desk and Consultant Is In services.
Meeting Room Guide | Free Download
Articles Written by Soltys, Inc.  
Favorite and current articles that have been published in magazines, trade journals and association publications, now available for download.
Strategic Thinking – Ventures Outside the Box
Nothing Positive Grows In the Dark
What Keeps You Awake At Night?

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