Challenges & Issues Roundtables

Our next round roundtable discussions will take place on Thursday, April 19th. There will be two online facilitated round table groups that day hosted by Soltys, Inc. and led by Pat Soltys. These are web video meetings in which participants will be able to see each other, interact and have sidebar chats. It is also an opportunity to pick Pat’s brain on the topics addressed that day.

Leadership Challenges will take place at 11:00 AM (EST) and is for brokers, owners and the executive teams leading companies. Challenge topics selected for discussion will be applicable to executive and company leadership.

Management Issues will be discussed at 3:00 PM (EST). This roundtable is targeted toward managers and company leadership with responsibility for people, operations and carrying out the company's mission. Issues discussed will be more granular than the leadership challenge group, but still of interest to the entire group.

Participation is limited and registration is required. All registrants will be able to submit topics for that meeting's discussion. There is no cost to participate in these sessions. Reservations will be on a first come, first enrolled basis with preference given to those who have not participated before. If your group participates as one registrant, please make sure that the group has a spokesperson. Once you register, we will send a confirmation. We respectfully request that if you cannot attend and have registered that you let us know so that we can fill the round table with the next person on the list. Confirmed participants will receive a meeting invitation with information necessary to participate. As this is video, you will need a video camera linked to the computer you are using, microphone and speakers.

Topics discussed will be kept to a level in which all participants gain from the discussions. Companies and participants needing information and discussion specific to their company will be encouraged to schedule individual consulting time.

We anticipate that these will have great value and will probably include additional offerings in the future with different interest groups and guest leaders.

A summary of each round table and topic will be posted on our website and linked in our newsletter.


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Leadership Challenges Roundtable

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Management Issues Roundtable

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Registration for the March Roundtables is open.

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