Thanks & Giving

Thanksgiving Is A Time for More Than Feasting...

Soltys, Inc. would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our clients, friends and business partners.

As we gather with family and friends to share in the bounty of our lives,
we give thanks for all of the people who we touch and touch us.
It is an opportunity to reflect on memories and
anticipate the great times ahead.

Once the meal is done and guests are gone,
the magical season takes charge.

Decorations, celebrations, smiles, laughter and wishes of cheer
truly a season of giving love.
Sharing through caring and gifting.

Our hearts and wallets open to embrace those in need
spreading generosity and kindness in spirit and deed.

Faith rekindled, childhood fantasies brought live
Myth and mysteries, wide eyed children, long hugs and joyous laughs

As we say thank you, we wish you all of the best in this special season.



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